This is a short little beat 'em up game I made with the help of 3 other classmates. It was made for a cool event on the university I study where we try to make a little game in 3 weeks. I programmed and designed it while the others made the art. Music and sounds were found on the web (like music from Planet Purple).

It's about a town that has been cursed on a halloween night because of a group of cultists that summoned a demon lord into the world. Your mission is to beat the heck out of all the monsters and the demon lord to break this curse. You can choose to do good and evil things to the helpless NPCs you find in the game, but, please be nice to them..... Or you might regret it later.


WASD or ARROWS - Movement

J or Z - Attack

K or SPACE - Dodge roll. Use it to evade enemy attacks and to pass through obstacles.

L or X - Interaction. Pick up items on the ground or interact with other NPCs like the hot dog seller

This game was quite challenging to make as I never made a beat em up style game ever before.

Any feedback is welcome and thank you for playing!

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